Their Story:

“San José Promise has motivated me to reach my highest potential.”

Ana Guadarrama

“San José Promise has opened many opportunities to continue my education and pursue a future of success. It has given me academic and social support to guide me to a pathway of success. It also has inspireed me to continue to achieve my goals. ”

Hassan Pathan

“Being a part of the San José promise has made my first year of college less stressful than I anticipated. I am the first in my family to pursue a higher education, so with the help from the SJ Promise, I have been hopeful about my future without having to worry about how to pay for books and such.”

Dania Hernandez

“San José Promise has opened a lot of doors for me. It has given me access to transportation, books, priority registration, guidance and more. I am thankful that I could be part of such a great program.”

Luis Angel Garcia Rosas

“San José Promise has given me the privilege to enroll in full time classes. They have inspired me to continue my education without the worry of financial need. This program has given me the tools to succeed.”

Ashley abu

“Promise gives me the opportunity to focus on my education by providing me with the resources and support that’s needed in order for me to succeed.”

Makayla Martinez

“As a student, it is always appreciated when your input has value and San José Promise not only gave me a voice, but it helped me achieve my academic goals quicker, and has motivated me to reach my highest potential.”

Anahi Lopez

“In the Promise Program we are provided with financial support, guidance through our goals, and an enthusiastic community that is constantly reminding us of our professional potential. Promise is definitely the best term to describe this program, because its connotation is one of hope, support, and compromise towards every single student whose desire is to succeed.”

Brenda Perez

“The SJ Promise Program offers so many great services, counselors, and great support throughout your whole two years of community college. Knowing all the things my parents have gone through to get where they are today, I work hard everyday day hoping one day I can accomplish half of what they have and hoping one day I can be half the person they are.”

Rogelio Tovar

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, and practice every day.”

Morgan Monzon

“San José’s Promise made me believe that even the most impossible things can be possible. It is a promise that guarantees hope and success.”